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APL 3.5 -High end automatic model for ESTA bells



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The ESTA application machine is constructed for operation with 2 electrostatic charged high rotation atomizers (ESTA) –1 for external charge, the other for contact charge. Machine is equipped by 2 material conveying units. Each unit supplies 1 atomizer with paint. Paint flow rate can be adjusted between approx. 100 and 900 ml/min. Bell-speed is controlled by special turbine speed regulation valve. This will allow to adjust bell speed between 10,000 and 80,000 rpm. 2 shaping airs (LL1 and LL2) is also automatically controlled by 2 electronic pressure regulation valves. HV is provided by special HV-controller in combination with discharging device/ ground connectors to guarantee safe discharging when automatic painting process is terminated. Depending on active atomizer type (external or contact charge) control will charge atomizers and complete paint supply or only electrodes of external charge device. Only one atomizer can be operated at the same time. Control will turn atomizer – selected by program – automatically into front position. While painting atomizers stay fixed on their positions and test panel support drives horizontal (0.2 – 1.0 m/sec) and vertically (up to 80 mm/sec). Vertical movement may be continuously or stepwise. All spraying parameters are stored in painting programs. Only atomizer – test panel distance must be adjusted manually. In the programs also flash off times can be defined and, using a program sequence, also complex coatings can be realised (e.g. coatings with two differen paints/atomizers)