Quality is not a coincidence

Laboratory spraying machines

Oerter GmbH & Co. KG is a world leading manufacturer of application machines for use in laboratories. Our clients include all renowned paint manufacturers worldwide. Our customers know that the name OERTER is synonymous with innovation, quality and technical versatility, as well as experience, expertise and reliability.

The company – made in Germany

Oerter GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2006 from Köhne GmbH & Co. KG Signier- und Applikationstechnik and since then has been carried on successfully with the highest demands to quality and reliability. The founding of the company was driven by the idea to provide clients with technically sophisticated and reliable painting machines, and to ensure first class service on top.

The highlights: APL 1.2 – 4.6

The highlights of the innovative Oerter production range are the painting machines of the APL production series. The four models of the APL production series APL 1.2, APL 2.3, APL 3.2 and APL 4.6 cover all requirements within the range of conventional pneumatic painting and ensure highest technical standards.

High-end: APL 6.2

The high-end model APL 6.2 was specially designed for the operation of electrostatic high rotation atomizers and simulates state-of-the-art painting processes from automobile production.

Customised special constructions

Apart from the renowned APL production series, Oerter GmbH & Co. KG develops customised special constructions for the fields of painting testing and paint supply upon specific customer requests.

Flexible adjustment to individual customer requirements

All models from the series can be tailored according to special customer requirements. We will be happy to adjust all constructions to your special requirements and ideas.

Variableinstallation and expert advice

All machines can be installed in nearly every spray booth. We will be happy to advise you on redesigns or adjustments of your spray booth.

Quality and customer orientation

We constantly strive to reliably fulfil your individual demands and to offer you the highest quality, functionality and first class service at the same time. Thanks to careful development, conscientious production and individual function- and quality checks, our painting machines are maintenance-free for many years.

All models meet the current safety regulations. The explosion protection is certified according to ATEX II 2G T4 resp. II 3 G T4. Other certifications are available upon request.