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Semi-automatic quick-change system

For pneumatic and electrostatic high-rotation atomisers

A quick-change system for pneumatic or electrostatic high-rotation atomisers enables switching between different types in just a few steps.

The system comprises a machine-side part that is firmly mounted on the atomiser holder. Differences in the size of the various atomiser types are compensated for by adjusting the length of the atomiser-side counterpart.

The atomiser-side part of the quick-change system is firmly mounted on the respective atomiser.

Various signals are detected:

  • Steering air, control air, brake air, motor air
  • Motor bearing air and monitoring
  • Paint/paint return and solvent
  • Optical speed pulses
  • Automatic atomiser detection

The automatic atomiser detection system informs the system control of the respective installed atomiser type and assigns it individual limit values and control parameters.

This prevents the use of spray programs that lead to the inappropriate use of the atomisers.

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